We wear many hats

We’re a team of passionate, curious and creative people who wear many hats! Our founders have been rolling together for over a decade and there’s not much they haven’t seen or done. They have a mix of skills and perspectives rarely seen in the creative industry and they bring it all to the table.

Our cross disciplinary approach means you get what you need and more. You might engage us to build your brand but we’ll also wear our design hat, strategy hat, copywriter hat, developer hat, think-y hat, and do-y hat so every bump is smoothed and we’ve taken advantage of every opportunity to make your business better.

Many hats help us to look at your problem from many angles, to find many solutions, and the experience to pick the right one. When you partner with (Huddle) it’s all minds on deck, or should we say all hats on head!

Jazzy Hand

We’re not jazz hands-ing this

We don’t distract with bells and whistles or dazzle with smoke and mirrors. We believe that great ideas and exceptional execution are practical tools that should work for your business not against it.

One of our greatest superpowers is that we understand the intersection of business and brand and use that deep knowledge to shape solutions that are both transformational and practical.

Can you dig it?

Our approach to working together is flexible, but it always starts with a huddle. We get to know you and your business and go from there. Listening and digging deep to understand the heart of your problem.

We avoid templated solutions or predefined processes so that we can tailor our approach to each client we work with. We opt for deep discovery, passionate curiosity and blue sky thinking so we’re able to solve your unique challenges with insight and imagination.

We can’t always tell you the exact steps your project will go through to get from A to Z but we can tell you that we will always get stuck in the thick of it with you and do what we say we’re going to do — you can bank on that!


Do we check your boxes?

Fit is really important to us. Huddling with a client only works when the dynamic is right. Are we the salt to your pepper? Here are our best features to help you decide if it’s a match!

Good people

We’re genuinely good people and like to work with good people, doing good things, with a clear purpose. When we’re aligned with our clients’ values, that’s when the magic starts.

Good work

We do our best work when there’s a tricky problem to be solved and where we can stretch our creativity to make your life better.

Good value

It’s about more than just money, we’re confident about the value and experience we bring.

Perfect Score!Let's Huddle Looking Good!

We Say YES

We can do just about anything but if you’re looking for specifics — design, brand, strategy and digital are our bag.

Magic Eight Ball

Problem solving

We love a challenge and finding the perfect solution for you is our jam. Coming up with new ideas to solve complex problems gets us out of bed in the morning.

A new perspective might be exactly what you need to reframe your problem as a creative opportunity. We tap into our decades of experience and wear our many hats to craft the right outcome.


Brands are living, breathing things that adapt, evolve, and expand. They can be reinvented when your business changes and reinvigorated when you need a little oomph — that’s where we come in. 

We craft every touch point, interaction and expression to communicate your purpose and build brand loyalty. From startups to businesses worth billions, we’ve built brands that stick in customers’ minds and tug on their wallets.


Strategy is born of insight and imagination, it’s the personality of a brand and the brain of a campaign. We use strategy to discover opportunities you can own, define what compels you forward (your north star) and provide a roadmap for your people. We believe strategy should be practical and give you the tools to make progress, it’ll be short and sharp not war and peace.


Ideas are worthless without action and that’s where design comes in. We bring ideas to life with design, crafting every touchpoint to help you express your brand and tell a story. We care about the little details and believe they often add the most value. We can design anything, there’s not much we haven’t done before.


Words are powerful. They shape and change us, setting our course for the future. We’ll arm you with the right words for your brand with language that interests, inspires and ignites change.

How you speak matters as much as what you say, we can help you tell your story to communicate your who, what, why and how.


Campaigns are about initiating action. That’s why our focus is always on the people — how they think and feel, what they see and hear. This ultimately shapes their experiences and if they act. We believe campaigns don’t need to fit into a box. We focus on delivering the right message, in the right way, to capture your audience and inspire them to take action.


Packaging is often the face of your brand, or at least the face new customers are introduced to. We craft first impressions so people purchase and don’t pass you by. Packaging design based on behavioural decision making is the key to going home with customers you’ve just met.


We use human-centered design practices, data analysis and iterative testing to shape our digital solutions.

People talk a lot about seamless experiences but we believe there’s value in crafting beautiful seams: seams between digital and physical, brand and people, problem and solution. We can design a system that you’ll actually want to use or an unforgettable website that will become your hardest working team member.


Adopting your product is the most intimate thing your customers can do. They invite you into their homes, their pockets and their lives. Delivering value is essential but we believe surprise and delight are critical to building long-term product loyalty. After all, we’re talking about people not users, humans not numbers.


Tegan Clarkson


Tegan is never happier than when she is designing beautiful things for your business. She has perfected the marriage between design and strategy through her extensive experience across a range of settings. 

Tegan knows people – how they think, how they make choices, and what delights them. Based on this, she conjures targeted, forward-thinking experiences for your customers. It’s magic to watch, and her collaborative approach means that you will be an important partner in the creative journey. 

She builds brand and digital experiences that cut through the noise and connect with people across all mediums. Her Top Gun call sign would be ‘Freedom’ as she effortlessly pushes the boundaries of branding and creates experiential designs. She leverages existing design systems to launch products and services that engage people and grow businesses. She not only thinks outside the box, she’s completely redesigned it. 

Tegan is proud to have worked with some huge brands including the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of Defence, Adobe, Bendigo Bank, Bentspoke, Bunnings, Chatime, Dexus, Holden, Officeworks, Ramsay Healthcare and the Australian National University.

Tegan’s skill set spans creative, campaign, strategy, insight-driven brand development, design, copywriting, and people-centric digital experiences. She can’t wait to Huddle with you. 



Emily has more than 15 years’ experience in the creative and consulting sectors. From boutique firms to large consulting practices, and now Director at Huddle Studio, she’s done it all, but always focuses on what tickles her the most – bringing brands to life. At the heart of her practice is her ability to see into the centre of a problem and find strategic solutions that light up businesses. Her solutions engage with audiences and build connections.

Emily has a wide range of skills. She has expertise in branding, creative and digital strategy, service design and user experience design, as well as change management, communications and project delivery and management. She’s not a ‘jack of all trades’ though – she has honed her skills over many years, harnessing her experience to deliver tailored solutions for her clients. She can write the snazziest comms, deliver projects like you’ve never seen, facilitate brand workshops that even Kevin from Accounts will love, and liaise with the highest levels of your stakeholders. 

Emily’s collaborations have included the Office of National Intelligence, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Department of Defence, Defence Intelligence Organisation, Adobe, Bentspoke, RiotACT (Region Media), Hearing Australia, and Toll Group.

Emily’s greatest superpower is that she understands the intersection of business and brand and uses that deep knowledge to shape solutions that are both transformational and practical. And she loves every minute of it.

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